About Us

Never has the industrial and medical gas distributor been faced with such a need to re-think his strategy and approach to his specialty gas business. Though sales continue to grow at a healthy rate, margins are shrinking at an equal rate as previously high end products are being priced as "commodities". Recent acquisitions and mergers have also introduced an element of uncertainty among independent distributors. Many have become apprehensive about their continued source of high end specialty gas products and equipment, as well as the technical support they need to maintain and expand their production and quality control programs. The bottom line is there are decisions to be made and the distributor feels the squeeze.

At Special Gas Services, Inc. we know you can't go it alone, but who is going to help you decide what products to produce locally? The majors you rely on as paramount to your success are now frequently your competitors. Our company's success is based in products and technology that allows the distributor to become more independent and profitable. Our focus is in three distinct, essential service areas.

The first is our Systems Division where our consulting services evaluate the distributor's present production capabilities, fabricate and install appropriate filling systems, and train the technicians in all areas of specialty gas production and gas analysis. Special Gas Services, Inc. is partnered with CryoVation, LLC (Hainesport, NJ) for engineering, fabrication, and installation support. This partnership facilitates the integration of our specialty gas equipment into existing distributor's industrial and medical gas operations.

The second is our Services Division where we supply a complete line of specialty gases and gas mixtures that the distributor will never produce locally. This allows the distributor to offer a complete line to his customer. For complete offerings, visit GlobalCalibrationGases.com.

The third is our Supplies Division where we offer an extensive line of cylinder packaging consumables and tamper evident supplies needed to prepare the distributor's cylinder gases for final delivery. For customer service, contact sales@specialgassupplies.com.These products are offered at discounted prices consistent with all the distributor buyers groups nationally. Experience it for yourself and give us a call. We look forward to being of service.

Ray Borzio President/CEO